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Facebook Friend Request Scams

The nation’s competition and consumer watchdog has warned generous Aussies to be on alert following reports of dozens of.

BBB alert: Facebook friend request could be a scam – TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – A new scam is now raging on Facebook. You receive a "friend" request from an unfamiliar name. You go ahead and accept the "friend" – but the person is really a scammer.

DENVER — Imagine getting a Facebook friend request from someone close to you and chatting with.

Donald McLaughlin of the CPCyber security firm tells the FOX31 Problem Solvers the scam is becoming.

How To Turn Off Friend Request On Facebook Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Pinterest. My friend Udhay Shankar, who has managed India’s oldest email list, Silk, for over 20 years, has a number of rules of. For example, there have been issues with restricting the iPhone

double-check your friends or followers list. If you’re already connected, the request is likely from a hacker. The scam that the attorney general really wants Arkansans to watch out for involves the.

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and I only used Facebook for business. So when I got the friend request, I thought it couldn’t do any harm, can it?” she told Daily Mail Australia. But sadly, it did do harm. The man posing as an.

Facebook users are once again being tricked to forward phony messages, this time warning of potential duplicate accounts. Many users are already on high alert due to hackers having “cloning” accounts.

It’s a scam. The message, which you’d receive from an existing Facebook friend, reads: “Hi.

I actually got another friend request from you yesterday.

.which I ignored so you may want to check your.

Beware those scammy friend requests on Facebook – If you’re familiar with Facebook and the various types of scams there, then you already know to be suspicious of messages or “friend” requests from people you don’t know. But it’s very easy for.

In some Facebook scams, a site poses at a real store but is phishing information.

On another app, here’s how to recognize 10 Uber scams you should watch out for. Be wary of friend requests from.