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Wal Mart Gift Card Scam

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But be careful, there is a devious gift card scam going around that could ruin the holidays for everyone. You can buy gift cards most everywhere these days. Places like Walmart, gas stations and.

2 arrested with more than $90K in gift cards using stolen information] The case was handed over to the Secret Service and the.

Watch Out For This Gift Card Scam – If you’re still on the hunt for a gift, here’s why you might want to avoid those grocery store gift cards, as tempting as they are when you’re desperate. Over for the Colorado Springs Gazette, several.

That’s what is believed to have happened to one Green Country business that bought gift cards from Walmart. The company.

Orleans County woman conned out of $1,900 in gift card scam – As a former accountant who considered herself mindful of fraud and scams, Spilberg found it painful to realize she’d been.

Two men face federal charges after Boaz police recovered $90,000 in gift cards loaded using stolen information. Fubin Qiu, 22.

This year, however, the Walmart on Highway 421 near Dunn refused to sell Sheriff Wayne Coats the $7,000 worth of gift cards. Due to an increase in internet fraud, Walmart has issued strict new.

The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about gift.

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