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What Is Spoolsv Exe

For example, under Background processes you’ll find the Spooler Subsystem App, which is still a bit cryptic–but way better than just spoolsv.exe. Along with the printer icon, it’s clear that this.

Note – this is not the legitimate Smss.exe system file should normally NOT figure in Msconfig/Startup! Spoolsv: X Spoolsv.exe Added as a result of the CIADOOR.121 VIRUS! Note – "Spoolsv.exe" is.

Spoolsv.exe- high CPU usage – am new here, but i came cuz of the same problem.

AGRSMMSG.exe but i think it has something to do with SPOOLSV.exe too cuz everytime i close that process my puter goes faster.

but i keeps.

The hardcoded filename spoolsvc.exe is added to the registry for persistence, a mimicry of the legitimate Microsoft service spoolsv.exe. Once connected with its C2, the Trojan can be commanded to.

Delve deeper into the many layers of performance information available in the Windows 8 Task Manager Processes tab. In last week’s blog post Better troubleshooting with the Windows 8 Task Manager.

TechRepublic: Website security paradox: What’s a small business to do? If successful, the DoublePulsar backdoor is then executed via a file called spoolsv.exe. DoublePulsar, a kernel payload, hooks.

It will only use some CPU resources when printing, and that’s acceptable. However, at other times, there can be a significant amount of CPU resource usage by the spoolsv.exe process. This is likely to.

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Q. My computer running Windows XP has slowed to a crawl. In looking at the running processes I see the spoolsvc.exe is chewing up 99 percent of my CPU. I kill it and it keeps coming back. What can I.