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Someone Just Used Your Password To Try To Sign In To Your Google Account

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When you do, you’re sent to a hacker-built website that looks remarkably similar to your bank’s, but you really just gave.

Use iPhone as Physical Security Key to Protect Your Google Accounts – Adding extra security later of two-step authentication is one of the more essential steps you can take to secure your online.

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Phone number theft is almost too easy for hackers to do, giving them the keys to take over your online accounts. A recently.


an account by forcing a long list of "known" hacked passwords than trying random letters or numbers. "Hijackers routinely attempt to sign in to sites across the web with every credential.

Use your initial instead of your last name, and don’t include your street address in your profile. Your account should also.

Google has updated the Google Smart Lock for iOS so that iPhones can now be used as a physical security key for two-factor.

The updated Google Smart Lock app now lets you use your iPhone to securely log in to your Google account with a simple tap,