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Why Is Yahoo My Default Search Engine

Yahoo’s mission creep is a useful case study in why web companies like Google.

either the ones you type into its search engine or those you embed in your email messages and web pages.

Also, Apple and DuckDuckGo formed a partnership to use Apple Maps as the default.

search engine that doesn’t track you.” DuckDuckGo promises that using the search engine means taking back.

Last month, Firefox announced that it was switching its default.

of Yahoo search, let’s briefly discuss eggs. Yes, eggs. Specifically, why they are best kept in many baskets. Your digital.

Android users in Europe will soon be prompted to pick the default search engine for their phones – but your favorite non-Google.

projects), Google and Yahoo, but that’s only an illustration.

I get the sense that many of Yahoo.

to choose your favorite search engine the first time you ran it. You know, a level playing field. Instead they bought their way into the default position.

Like all third-party iOS browsers except for Opera Mini, it’s built on Apple’s Safari engine, but Yahoo has designed.

without re-typing your search query or going to Yahoo itself. Why would you.

If you download a fresh copy of Firefox, you’ll note that the default search engine is not whatever you already have picked in all your other browsers.

Wondering why this was, we contacted.

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pitched a Yahoo toolbar instead. "Set Yahoo as your homepage and default search engine on Chrome.