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Can You Get A Virus From Pornhub

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Feb 13, 2009  · Can you get virus from pornhub? Ok im just hypotetcially asking this lol. If you go to pornhub (which you dont dowload the movies, you just watch the on thier) can you still get viruses? Or any site in general where you just watch the movie that is on the site and not download it to your comput. thanks. Answer Save. 9 Answers.

Macs and Linux can get viruses the same as windows. So basically you’re wrong about all of it. What about the ‘macs dont get viruses’ arguement? Also, I thought there were no linix viruses, partially because so few people use linux, therefore virus makers dont bother targeting it.

Pornhub is one of the sites that is worst infected.

Oct 01, 2015  · Watch PORN online? You’ve probably been infected by a computer VIRUS PORNHUB and YouPorn are the latest in a string of hugely successful pornographic websites to fall.

This isn’t to say you won’t possibly come across some javascript function that redirects you to another page or a screen overlay that TELLS you that you have a virus. Those can be safely ignored. They’re just there to get you to download a fake "antivirus" malware program.

which you can’t anyhow, because Xbox won’t let you.