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Turn Off Google Safesearch

Google’s SafeSearch isn’t an entirely comprehensive.

Whether you don’t have any young ones in the house and want to turn SafeSearch off altogether or you want a complete SafeSearch lockdown.

In case, you have to disable the SafeSearch feature, go to the option ‘Turn on SafeSearch’ and uncheck it. This is the easy method to turn on or off the Google Safesearch on your PC.

Google image search, now with way less porn – Turning SafeSearch off is now not an option. Moderate is gone, too. In their place, Google has made is so that any search that is not specifically for NSFW content will turn up results that.

How to turn Google SafeSearch on or off – That’s why Google’s SafeSearch feature is a welcome way.

Long story short, as great as SafeSearch is, you need to know how to turn it off, too. Here’s how.

To turn off filters.

turning on a feature called SafeSearch, which helps protect your children from finding explicit content if they are searching the web using Google or Bing.

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It’s much less obvious as to how to turn off the safe search settings. All that said, the Bing app is actually quite nice. The voice search feature (just like Google’s on the iPhone.

Google does provide a SafeSearch option but it won’t take long for your kid to figure out how to turn it off. Hence locking the SafeSearch is a better way to block adult content from appearing.

An embedded link will let users search Google’s more than 425 million images—or at least those that make it through Gale’s selection of the strictest of Google’s SafeSearch filter.


Turn on Google Safe Search on the guest account browsers.

periodically to make sure the safe search hasn’t been turned off. This means you can schedule the network to turn off at a certain.