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Is Svchost A Virus

It tends to be around 60% most of the time, and the rest of the space is taken up between by svchost. it first started happening.

in I can move my pointer but not do anything) I’ve tried virus scan.

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However My CPU Usage is still flucuating a lot. I have updated my virus scans and used ccleaner as well. I did notice one time that svchost.exe was using all of the CPU Usage, however it dropped down.

I think similar threads have been posted about this virus. It disables your sound, flashes 98 theme then back to XP, sometimes it stays on 98. I’ve also discovered that it disables all processes that.

it can’t be my fluoro backlight i bought the damn screen like 1 month only and no it doesn’t respond to my manipulation but problem solved it seems that its all cause of the svchost takes lots.


What is svchost.exe?Poor performance by computer – e.g. new anti-virus version now using more CPU.

0:00:00 N/A chrome.exe 3844 Console 0 44,616 K Running CYANIDEOwner 0:00:37 Poor performance by computer – Monitors, Displays and Video Cards – Goog.

Appears that there is a bug (malware) that is running under a svchost app in processes.

But my other softwares like Anti-virus and HP updates can acccess the Internet. I am only able to post this.

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I checked my computer with Norman Virus Control, and here are the results.

Volume Information_restore{BCE84D8D-E2BA-4872-B7AA-EEE8594D84E9}RP80A0018207.exe svchost.exe is a Windows component. virus is preventing me from installing mba-m – Is it the .com extension thing.

well that means "command". It is a substitute for .exe considering this virus damages the portion of the registry that instructs the pc on how to handle .exe files.