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How To Remove Games From Discord

To get verified on Discord, you’ll need to be a game developer, game publisher, professional esport team, or a Spotify-verified musical artist. To qualify, you’ll need to be both the server.

Leaving a Discord server will remove your name from its member list, and disable any role that you held in the server. You won’t receive any more messages or notifications from the server either.

Not only can gamers chat about their favourite games and web content, but they can use Discord to communicate during online gaming sessions as well. 4. When the pop-up box appears, click on “Run.”.

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On Discord, this will mean deleting your account, which is a permanent process. It should only a minute to delete your Discord account, so if you really want to go through with it, you can.

Chat programs become even more crucial when you remove the ability to ask questions and discuss plans in person.


Essentially, you don’t need video games to make Discord useful.

If you want to edit or delete a message you’ve already sent, simply hover over the message and click the pencil icon to.

Source: Just Games Rochester You’ll want to measure the depth of your phone, and make two diagonal incisions in the inner box.

Change What You Are Playing On Discord (Custom Games/Activities) & REMOVE NOTIFICATIONSHow to pin a message in Discord – If you click the X, you will be able to delete the existing pinned message. Pinning a message via the Discord mobile app is very similar to the process found in the desktop app. Simply long-press.